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Student Outcomes.


  • Read and comprehend grade level appropriate text in all subjects
  • Use all aspects of the writing process (e.g. Prewrite/Plan, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish) to produce high quality, coherent writing
  • Effectively incorporate technology in learning, research, analysis, and presentation of information
  • Complete high school level Spanish I and Physical science for advance/honors level placement in 9th grade
  • Demonstrate grade level understanding and application of knowledge in mathematics, science, history, fine arts and Spanish
  • Utilize study skills as an independent and responsible learner
  • Meet or exceed high school academic entrance requirements


  • Continue to develop a growing  personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Apply a Biblical worldview to daily life situations
  • Share Christ-like love through conversation, service and actions
  • Understand the importance of prayer in all situations
  • Understand the importance of reading and studying the Bible regularly.


  • Recognize his/her body as the temple of God and the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Recognize the benefits and importance of team sports
  • Understand and apply awareness of the dangers of drugs


  • Understand and apply an awareness of God’s plan for human relationships
  • Define and recognize bullying in order to prevent and/or stop bullying situations with self and others
  • Understand responsible use of social media and the internet