Finding the “Right” School for Your Child

Posted on February 6, 2018 · Posted in Bridgeway Blog

  • Narrow down your must have list. Find the schools that offer the “must have” things you want for your child.  Ie: Christian, covenant, specific programs, athletics, specific curriculum.
  • Seek wisdom and counsel from others you trust. Kids have gone to school for years and we all know families that are like-minded and have walked these steps before.  Pick their brains for advice and wisdom.
  • This is not a life decision. We all want to plan for the long haul but we know that life can change so quickly and the needs of your child can also change year to year. Take it year by year.
  • Not every school is “right” for every child. Every child is uniquely and incredibly made by the Creator God and has different learning styles. A school might be great but just not great for your child.
  • Tap into the Spirit. What a gift we have that we have a heavenly Father who loves and hears us? Take your questions and anxiousness to Him. If you are truly seeking His will, He will give you the discernment you need to make the right decision.