Reading Programs at BCA.

Foundations and Frameworks

Foundations and Frameworks is a uniquely designed, research-based instructional reading program that uses a collection of best instructional practices for equipping students to understand ideas conveyed in text fully. Thinking skills are explicitly taught and modeled. Because comprehension results from the thoughtful interaction between reader and text, improving student thinking positively impacts student comprehension. Click here to learn more about Foundations and Frameworks.

Reading Counts and Lexile Framework

Reading Counts is a motivational reading program created by Scholastic, one of the leading textbook publishers in the United States.  Scholastic has created a test for over 43,000 books, and each one has a value attached. The test checks for comprehension and retention of subject material contained in the book.  Once a student has read an approved book, they may then take the short test on one of our devices here at school. When they pass, they are awarded the point value of the test. These points are accumulated to be spent in the Reading Counts store once a month and also goes towards an annual grade goal.  These goals are based on the national average.  Every student who achieves the grade goal will receive a trophy at the end of the school year.

Reading Counts FAQ