Lower School.

Grades Kindergarten – 5th

Core subjects taught include Bible, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Students also have weekly co-curricular classes in Chapel, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Library, Spanish, and Art. The Academic Enrichment Program at BCA is designed to engage and challenge students who are ready to take learning to the next level.

English Language Arts & Reading

English Language Arts provides intense, systematic phonics instruction with an emphasis on spelling, vocabulary, and writing. Saxon Phonics introduces concepts incrementally, ensuring long-term success. Saxon uses explicit instruction in high frequency words, phonemic awareness and phonics, spelling, alphabetizing, and handwriting along with fluency instruction. Saxon incorporates daily practice and review deepening a students’ understanding and strengthens their ability to apply concepts consistently. Grades first – fifth utilize the phonetic based/visual tools reading program, Foundations & Frameworks.


The Bible curriculum focuses on memory verses, biblical knowledge, and life application.


Mathematics is taught through models that build conceptual understanding and require the use of problem solving skills and strategies.


The Science curriculum is taught from a biblical perspective and promotes scientific literacy and Christian growth.

Social Studies

Social Studies focuses on learning about the United States of America and creating a love for our country.

Curriculum Guides:

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