BCA Faculty & Staff.

Jesus said, “When a student is fully trained, he will be like his teacher.” (Luke 6:40)

Teachers are the architects of a school’s culture, and they serve as role models for their students. Bridgeway has always been blessed with the most dedicated teachers and staff available. Our faculty is made up of certified, seasoned educators.  Most importantly, our teachers are nurturing, Christ-centered individuals who are as committed to our students’ spiritual development as they are to academic success.


George Dempsey – Head of School/Principal

Jennifer Gastley – Associate Head of School of Academic Affairs

Joy Hodges – Associate Head of School of Business Affairs

Sarah Boyce – Dean of Academics

David Millis – Dean of Students

Sandra Hackett – Director of Technology and Business

Ashley Baker  – Director of Athletics and Student Services

Seritha Stewart – Director of Enrollment Management

Tina Wheeler – Front Desk

Preschool Teachers

Preschool Teacher Pictures/Bios
Michelle Smith – Pre3 Lead Teacher
Gail White – Pre4 Lead Teacher
Cheri Hunt– Preschool Assistant

Lower School Teachers 

LS Teacher Pictures/Bios
Pam Tiedemann – Kindergarten
Angie Rowand – Kindergarten Assistant
Gail Clark  – First Grade
Tiffany Buck – Second Grade
Lisa Broyles – Third Grade
Pam Gilchrist – Fourth Grade
Julie Fitton – Fifth Grade
Morgan Van Gelder – Lower School Enrichment and Project Lead the Way

Middle School Teachers 

MS Teacher Picture/Bios
Ashley Baker – Athletic Director, Physical Education and 7th Grade Bible
Sarah Boyce – Language Arts and Middle School Lead
George Dempsey – 8th Grade Bible
Daniel Gastley – 6th Grade Bible
Kaala Guess – Science
Olivia McClure – Language Arts and Social Studies
David Millis – Social Studies
Peggy Ridley – Mathematics
Iain Velez – Spanish and 8th Grade Bible

Enrichment Teachers

Enrichment Teacher Picture/Bios
Ashley Baker – 3rd – 8th Grade P.E.
Susan  Ballew – Media Center
Dennis Clark – Preschool through 2nd Grade P.E.
Karina Cruz – Preschool through 1st Grade Spanish
Anna Kilbride – Music
Olivia McClure – Drama
Demetra Stephens – Technology
Brandee Thurman – Art
Michael Watanabe – Band
Iain Velez – 2nd through 5th Grade Spanish

Arrowsmith Teachers

Cathy Walker – Team Lead