Academic Enrichment.

The enrichment program at Bridgeway Christian Academy is designed to engage and challenge students who are ready to take learning to the next level. These students are encouraged to glorify God by striving for excellence and by being good stewards of the gift He has bestowed on them. This program promotes higher level and critical thinking skills through an exploratory process. The enrichment teachers provide a safe environment to encourage students’ participation and risk taking.

The enrichment program consists of a creative writing class and a math enrichment class to serve qualifying elementary students in second through fifth grades. Qualifying students may sign up for one or both classes. Each class meets once a week for a 50-minute session, eight times per semester. Students work with others in their grade level in an instructional group. Each weekly session of math or creative writing is offered at an additional cost of $25.00.


Students enter the program by invitation. Teacher recommendations, as well as qualifying test scores, are used to identify the students who qualify for the enrichment program.

Creative Writing

In the creative writing class, students create a collection of original written works. Students write on thought-provoking topics. Exercises are used to promote the use of imagination and fluent thinking.
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Math Enrichment

The math enrichment program encourages students to use their problem- solving abilities to explore open-ended problems. Students use reasoning skills, participate in independent and group investigations, engage in games and puzzles, and exercise divergent thinking. The Sunshine Math Program, enrichment sheets from the Houghton Mifflin Math Program, and math exploration activities are utilized in throughout the program.