7th Grade Courses.

Subject: Bible

Course: Travel through the Bible

Textbook: Travel through the Bible, by Mark Reed

Seventh grade students continue their travels through the Bible using Route 66.
The lessons are typically covered at a rate of one per week, meeting the following course objectives:

  • Understanding of Scripture and its primary themes
  • Building a foundation for future studies, discovering each book’s context and how it relates to the other books of the Bible.
  • Learning to locate key events and characters in the Bible
  • Applying basic Biblical principles that will enrich the students’ lives
  • Challenging non-Christian students to examine their lives and make a commitment to Christ.

Subject: Spanish

Course: Explorative Spanish

In the explorative middle school Spanish program, the curriculum covers:

  • Communication: speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Spanish
  • Grammar: subject pronouns, conjugation of the verb Ser, express likes and dislikes with Gustar, noun article agreement, use adjectives to describe nouns and adjective-noun agreement, conjugate AR verbs and the verb ‘IR, use frequency adverbs, use tener que and hay que expressions, and tell time.
  • Biblical Integration: students are also responsible for reading, translating, memorizing, and/or talking about Bible passages and Christian songs in Spanish.

In addition to the items listed above, students will begin to study South American culture more closely. The selected text ha a rich cultural integration. Students will also contact and correspond with Spanish speaking students in South America.

Subject: Language Arts

Course: Elements of Literature First Course


Elements of Literature First Course
Elements of Language First Course
Grammar, Usage and Mechanics Workbook, First Course
Worldly Wise 3000, Book 7

Course Objectives: Skills developed during the sixth grade Introductory Course are strengthened further.

Subject: Math

Seventh grade students enter Math 7 or Math 8, according to placement. Math course placement is based on teacher recommendations and standardized test performance.

Course: Math 7

Textbook: Mathematics: Course 2, by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston

Course: Math 8

Textbook: Mathematics: Course 3, by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston

Seventh grade math courses focus on mathematic strands. Number theory, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, statistics, and probability are developed as appropriate to each course. Each course progressively prepares students for high school math.

Subject: History

Course: Modern U.S. History

Textbook: Call to Freedom

Seventh grade students explore the history of our country’s heritage and founding principles in order to see God’s providential hand in the events of history. The first semester focuses on how the country became a world leader in the late 1800s through the Cold War. The second semester covers the fifties and sixties, the equal rights movement, and Vietnam to post September 11.

Subject: Science

Course: Life Science

Textbook: Glencoe Life Science, by Feather, Snyder, and Zike

The Life Science curriculum is designed to equip students to discover the amazing details order of God’s creation and to recognize their role as stewards of it.

Course Scope

  • Creation vs. Evolution: scientific evidence supports Creation as truth about earth’s beginnings.
  • Classifying Life: performing an analysis of the incredible number of living creatures on our planet including similarities and differences.
  • Understanding Cells: small building blocks of life, structure, processes, and reproduction, both plant and animal.
  • Plants: from the smallest bacteria and fungi to trees and ferns
  • Animals: from single celled to birds and mammals, including man
  • The Environment and You: energy resources
  • Ecosystems: all living things exist within a living system of life